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Soundtrack work for film and video:


For Hiraki Sawa
Memoria Paralela (with Hannah Cawston) (2019) 
Stash (2018)
Mining (2018)
Flying (2016)
Man in Camera (2016)
Envelope (with Saya/Tenniscoats)(2014)

Lineament (with Ute Kanngiesser) (2012)
Sleeping Machine I and II (2011)
Within (2010)
Silts (2009)
O (2009)
Out of the Blue (2008)
Hidden Tree (2007)
Hako (2007)
Unseen Park (2007)
Passer-by (2005)
Between (2005)
Trail (2005)

In Here (2004)



7Sins, a film by Franck Lesbros (2020) 

Gobi Atacama (with Ute Kanngiesser), an installation by Magdalena Correa (2008)

Flock, a film by Stephanie Caw (2005)
Dancing Spirit, a film by Myoung Woo Kim (2003)
On It’s Way, a film by Astrid Nippoldt (1999)

horse stories.jpg

My album The Horse Stories has now been re-released on streaming/CD (Flau).

horse vinyl.jpg

You can also get it on vinyl (Bo'Weavil) 

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